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Nutricosmetics- The Trend of Beauty from Within

According to a recent Euromonitor report (3/10/2014) on Sports Nutrition the top five category positions are held by; general well-being, weight management, digestive health, energy boosting and oral health. Global Health and Wellness sales saw a 6.5% growth over 2013-14. The fastest growing areas in health and wellness in 2014 have been energy boosting, food intolerance and beauty from within.

Seventy-two percent of women who buy natural and organic beauty products believe in the concept of “beauty from within”* This trend is on the rise and goes in hand with healthy eating and traditional skincare regimes. There has been a re-spark in interest in collagen supplementation in 2014 as the public come to understand the benefits of this. Studies on collagen peptides have found visual results of collagen supplementation to last for up to one month after stopping the treatment.**

Datamonitor sites beverages to be viewed as a good application format for consuming nutricosmetics. This opens up the scope of enhanced waters, functional beverages and concentrated shot formats. Future Nutrition, manufacturers of the Skin Health Drink DermaGlo are experience in targeting the needs of the anti-aging, beauty, and nutricosmetics industry. If you would like to know more about producing a beauty or skincare product through our private label services please do contact us for more information.

Nutricosmetics-Cosmeceutical-Nutriceutical Crossover

*Age of Naturals Pink Report, January 2008.

**Proksch E et al. Skin Phatma Physiol. 2014;27