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Irish Downhill Bike Series

Bree Mountain Bike club host the 4th event in the 2014 Irish Downhill Bike Series.

Future Nutrition, Wexford based sports supplement manufacturers sponsor the local Bree Mountain Bike club under the Little Dragon Shots brand.

Future Nutrition proudly support local clubs and events in the South East of Ireland. One such club is the Bree Mountain Bike Racing club. This club which caters for a variety of ages and skill levels offers the chance at an exhilarating sport and adventure in the newly improved track on Bree hill. In 2013 the track was preened and primed with hours of attention bringing it to its glory. This wasn’t to last as the storms of January 2014 wrecked havoc on the track.  Countless Dragon fueled hours have restored it to full glory and then some. Wood from fallen trees has been used to create additional features around the track such as the starting ramp and Ireland’s only wall ride.

Bree Racing Group shot

Members of the Bree downhill mountain bike team.

The third weekend in August will see the Wexford based club host over 150 riders for two days of practice runs with the main race taking place on Sunday at 2pm. Categories range from U14 to Super Veterians, for more information see

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