We constantly research and experience the worldwide fast-paced and changing market for nutritional products and particularly functional beverages. Our team has consistently identified consumer mega-trends and developed award‑winning functional beverage innovations to match, providing an invaluable resource for our clients.

At Future Nutrition, we believe that in order to become a market leader in innovation, we must help to shape the market of the future. We achieve this by working with Ireland’s leading research facilities to investigate areas varying from market dynamics, to ingredient and formulation testing, and product trialing. Our relationships with academic institutions foster innovation and new ways of thinking, ultimately delivering success to our clients by remaining ahead of the curve. Access to our Innovation Hub delivers insights necessary to succeed in a growth market, while our in-house lab rapidly tests innovative formulations that capitalize upon them.

Our in-house scientists have a wealth of experience in the formulation of functional beverages and we have the capacity to tailor formulations to your preferences and test each one to ensure optimal quality and performance. We offer a full range of product types including RTD’s, shots and powders.