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Ingredient Focus – Leucine

A Focus on Leucine

This branched-chain amino acid (BCAA) must be obtained from the diet and as it is not synthesized in the body. It is often regarded as the key to turning on protein synthesis (muscle building). This leads to many athletes supplementing with Leucine or/also consuming a high-quality protein sports supplement rich in naturally occurring Leucine. Leucine is also found in a significant number of whole foods such as chicken, fish, beef, pork, nuts, eggs and milk.


Supplementation with Leucine before and during training has been observed to aid in the prevention of the breakdown of proteins and results in less muscle damage during physical exertion. Post training Leucine is identified to signal protein synthesis, muscle recovery and re-building. For many athletes it would be suggested to consume foods high in Leucine both pre and post training, however this can take longer to digest than instant BCAA products or capsules.


At future nutrition we work with leucine for many of our customers as a way to increase the quality of their protein offerings. L-leucine is also available as a single ingredient product to accompany an existing range. For more details on single ingredient products or developing your brand with Future Nutrition see here or alternatively contact us.

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