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FIC Regulation Countdown

Food Labeling Regulation

There are only days left until the EC 2011/1169 regulation switch over comes into effect on the 13th December. GS1 UK and Campden BRI conducted a survey in the UK showing 11 out of 20 randomly selected products on shelves are now in compliance with the new regulation. This is compared to results of 4/20 in April and 8/20 in July. This is an indication of industry’s acceptance of the regulation and the more towards compliance. FIC is designed to improve and standardise the way nutritional information is translated to the consumer, allowing for an increase in consumer understanding of food labelling and nutritional labelling.

FIC or FIR outlines and regulates the way in which food businesses communicate information to consumers by means of labelling, accompanying material or modern technologies eg. websites. FIC alters the rules on nutritional declarations, allergen statements and country of origin to name a few.

Future Nutrition offers advice on compliance for labels thus giving both big and small brand assurance that their labelling is compliant within the EU.

Food Navigator article on the Campden BRI study can be seen here.