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Caffeine Alternatives

NPD constantly working with new Ingredients

The sports nutrition market has seen a trend away from caffeine heavy energy and pre trainer supplements. In order to achieve the desired strength of a pre workout without maximising the tolerable level of caffeine we have looked for alternative sources of the pre workout buzz.

Capsimax is a new ingredient we are now working with in New Product Development. Capsimax™ is encapsulated highly-concentrated natural capsicum extract from chilli peppers. It contains capsaicin which is the active component of the chilli and what gives them their ‘heat’. The encapsulation of the capsicum protects the consumer from the heat and inhibits any oral or gastric irritation which is normally occurs when eating chillis.

There have been many scientific studies carried out proving the efficiency of the active components of chillis and Capsimax™ is claimed to:

“Help manage appetite, support healthy metabolism, help induce thermogenesis (increase in energy expenditure in the body) and support lipolysis (breakdown of lipids).” *

Due to these claims it is used predominantly in pre-workout powders. For more information on the powdered product categories which we produce see here.


*This is not an EFSA approved health claim.

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