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The Benefits of Blended Protein

The Benefits of Blended Proteins

It is a common perception by sports-nutrition consumers that protein simply from whey is best for achieving their desired goals (i.e. recovery, strength gain and increase lean muscle-mass).  In a recent study conducted by Reidy et al., (2014) a blend of high quality proteins such as soy, casein and whey prolonged muscle building post resistance training in comparison to whey alone (Reidy et al., 2014). The blended product with the variety of protein sources displayed an extended duration of amino acids being released into the body compared to the duration of release solely from whey by one hour.

The randomized clinical trial was conducted with 16 healthy individual participants ranging from 18-30 with the objective to determine if consumption of a protein blend with alternate digestion rates would elongate amino acid availability and muscle protein synthesis post exercise. The proteins the participants consumed were either (A) protein blend containing 50% casein, 25% soy and 25% whey isolate; or (B) 100% whey isolate.  Muscle biopsies were conducted at the baseline and 5 hours post resistance training. The protein was consumed one hour following exercise by all participants.

The study showed that consumption of the blend of protein led to a steady increase in amino acids. Amino Acid delivery was significantly increased (p<0.005) by one hour in the blended protein form as apposed to the faster absorption of whey isolate.

This study ultimately shows that protein can be consumed in a variety of different forms with absorption rates of the different protein sources differing significantly. This leads to the need for consumers to understand the different types of protein available in the vast number of sports-nutrition products on the market and decipher what would best fit for their nutritional requirements and fitness goals. Do consumers require immediate absorption in the form of whey isolate post training or do they require a slower releasing blend of proteins to aid muscle growth for a longer period of time?



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