Future Nutrition has a wealth of in-house experience and expertise in product formulation and New Product Development.  Staying on top of an ever-changing market like sports supplements, functional and active ingredients, requires a lot of time and resource devoted to both Research and NPD. Our experienced and innovative team of formulators has the capability to develop unique formulations using cutting-edge ingredients.  Our formulators are involved in the development process from the ideation stage right through to a market-ready product, providing their experience and scientific input in matters such as stability, flavour, texture and efficacy.

Time and time again we have successfully developed industry-leading stable formulations for Ready-to-Drink Beverages and Shots with complex and often challenging flavour systems and ingredients. Future Nutrition developed the Little Dragon Supplements range. The products are innovative ready to drink high quality sports supplements including a pre workout shot, protein shot, energy shot, energy drink and protein water drink.


Future Nutrition can create and manufacture unique shots or functional beverages under the following categories:

  • – Pre workout
  • – Protein Drinks
  • – BCAA Blends
  • – Lifestyle
  • – Beauty Wellbeing
  • – Vitamin Electrolyte
  • – Diet and Detox
  • – Nootropics
  • – Joints and Bones



CreaOne TM2

Years of research and development has resulted in an aqua- and acid-stable product that quickly delivers a full 3 gram dose of creatine monohydrate to the bloodstream for accelerated absorption to your muscles. CreaOne is real creatine monohydrate in a convenient and great tasting liquid shot.

DermaGlo Mark

Cosmeceuticals are the future of skincare. Future Nutrition have developed a Skin Health Drink called DermaGlo which acts as a collagen replenishment fortified with essential vitamins and minerals for skin, hair and nail health. Learn more about DermaGlo here: www.dermaglo.com

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