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Ingredient Focus – Leucine

A Focus on Leucine This branched-chain amino acid (BCAA) must be obtained from the diet and as it is not synthesized in the body. It is often regarded as the key to turning on protein synthesis (muscle building). This leads to many athletes supplementing with Leucine or/also consuming a high-quality protein sports supplement rich in […]

FIC Regulation Countdown

Food Labeling Regulation There are only days left until the EC 2011/1169 regulation switch over comes into effect on the 13th December. GS1 UK and Campden BRI conducted a survey in the UK showing 11 out of 20 randomly selected products on shelves are now in compliance with the new regulation. This is compared to results […]

World Beverage Innovation Awards

World Beverage Innovation Awards Future Nutrition are delighted to announce receipt of three finalist positions in the World Beverage Innovation Awards held at Brau Beviale in Germany on the 12th November. Hundreds of entries from 44 countries across the world competed to receive the honours and accreditation from a panel of judges made up of […]


Nutricosmetics- The Trend of Beauty from Within According to a recent Euromonitor report (3/10/2014) on Sports Nutrition the top five category positions are held by; general well-being, weight management, digestive health, energy boosting and oral health. Global Health and Wellness sales saw a 6.5% growth over 2013-14. The fastest growing areas in health and wellness […]

British Bottlers Institute Award

Little Dragon 30g Protein drink awarded the Silver Award in the 2014 BBI Awards With a long standing reputation in traditional soft drink and alcoholic beverage bottling the BBI awards have been around for many years. 2014 saw the introduction of a new category, that of the functional beverage. Future Nutrition’s parent company J Donohoe […]

Caffeine Alternatives

NPD constantly working with new Ingredients The sports nutrition market has seen a trend away from caffeine heavy energy and pre trainer supplements. In order to achieve the desired strength of a pre workout without maximising the tolerable level of caffeine we have looked for alternative sources of the pre workout buzz. Capsimax is a […]

The Benefits of Blended Protein

The Benefits of Blended Proteins It is a common perception by sports-nutrition consumers that protein simply from whey is best for achieving their desired goals (i.e. recovery, strength gain and increase lean muscle-mass).  In a recent study conducted by Reidy et al., (2014) a blend of high quality proteins such as soy, casein and whey […]

Little Dragon Extreme Pre Workout

Little Dragon Extreme Pre Workout 60ml Fizzy Cola shot Future Nutrition, private label contract sport supplements manufacturers and makers of the Little Dragon range have developed a new addition to the sports and gym offering. This product is built on the success of the existing Pre Workout shot. The Little Dragon Pre Workout Cranberry shot which […]

Irish Downhill Bike Series

Bree Mountain Bike club host the 4th event in the 2014 Irish Downhill Bike Series. Future Nutrition, Wexford based sports supplement manufacturers sponsor the local Bree Mountain Bike club under the Little Dragon Shots brand. Future Nutrition proudly support local clubs and events in the South East of Ireland. One such club is the Bree […]

The Dragon Sportive 2014

Future Nutrition are proud sponsors of the Dragon Sportive held in Enniscorthy for the second year. The Dragon Sportive gets its name from the Little Dragon range of products produced by Future Nutrition since 2010. Highlights of the event can be seen above. This year saw over 450 entrants with over 40 safety marshals and […]