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that offers private label manufacturing of liquid and powdered nutritional supplements.
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Today, Future Nutrition is located on the same original site as our sister company Donohoe Drinks Company, specialising as functional and sports nutrition beverage and powder manufacturers. Donohoe Drinks Company ‘Star’ trade mark is reflected in Future Nutrition’s friendly ‘Star’ logo and echoes the continuation of the strong business ethic of our 135 year heritage.



Future Nutrition can assist you to develop a unique custom functional drink or powder  formulation. We manufacture only top quality sports and nutritional powders and beverages using the finest ingredients and all are produced in our quality assured facility.


Why Choose Us?

Bespoke product formulation

All our private label manufacturing customers receive customised products. Products are developed tailored to the needs of each individual client based on their current offering or target market.

Sales & Marketing Expertise

We offer council throughout the process of product development making the process as smooth and successful as possible. We provide compliancy checks on labeling to ensure your product lands on shelves quickly.

Customer Service

Our dedicated team is always on hand to work with you to answer queries and achieve your goals.

New Product Development

We work with the top agencies and ingredient bodies to ensure Future Nutrition has access to the latest trends in ingredients and flavours. Research and sourcing of ingredients is habitual however specific ingredients can be sourced on request.

Innovation Hub